Digital UX & UI Audit

A Digital Audit – The Best Relationships & The Right Fit

Do you know which areas of your digital marketing need to be refreshed, rebuilt or re-thought?

It all starts with a Digital Audit; an experience-based, detailed analysis of the UX and UI factors of your website’s, app, mobile and social media to identify what’s working well and what needs improving.

UX & UI Audit to get right kind of traffic and convert it

Using our Digital Audit process of looking at UX and UI factors we’ll uncover the areas causing problems for your visitors and suggest ways to improve the experience so they achieve the results you want.

First Impressions
Visitors make snap judgements about your business within seconds of accessing your website, app, mobile or social media.  How you employ design, speed and functionality can mean the beginning (or end) of a potential new relationship, customer or client.

Clear Signposts
How easy is it to get around your site without thinking? Drawing on UX and UI audit analytics, we’ll explore how to keep your users focused and moving in the right direction using intuitive navigation and straight-forward functionality. We’ll also tackle any areas where they’re getting lost or stuck.

Layout & Design
Menus, buttons and typography are all important factors, and a UX and UI audit can help you understand which things have a big impact on how people behave online. We’ll examine how to capture your target audience with best-practice design, and show you where the right graphics and page layout can encourage them to explore your website more deeply.

Trust & Credibility
With an open mind and trained eye, we’ll assess the overall impression you’re currently giving users, including how professional, consistent and smooth the user-experience is, and highlight gaps or errors that could make a visitor feel uneasy.