Digital UX & UI Audit

A digital audit finds the best relationships & the right fit.

Do you know which areas of your digital marketing need to be refreshed, rebuilt or re-thought? It all starts with a digital audit; an experience-based, detailed analysis of the UX- and UI factors of your website’s, app, mobile and social media to identify what’s working well and what needs improving.

Before we can plan a smart digital marketing strategy, a digital audit is the most powerful tool to determine the road to take. As experts in the field, the relación team thoroughly checks all important factors of your website and finds the parts that need improvement in order to increase your customer interactions. A digital audit is the foundation of any well-planned digital marketing strategy, so your budget goes to the right places and helps you generate more value. Get your clients to enjoy using your website, your mobile application or your social media channels.

With a digital audit, you get an overview of all your channels and their current efficiency. With us as a partner, you can count on having a highly experienced and reliable digital marketing team on your side, that gets you to the results you want to have. With your data and our expertise, together we can unleash the power of digital marketing to reach your goals and make your customers happy.

Identify problems.

A digital audit is the best way to find out, what parts of your website are not as good as they should be. Sometimes, it’s just little things that have a big impact. Get the problems out of the way to improve your user experience and make it a breeze interacting with your business.

Check your design.

In just 0.05 seconds, a client processes the first impression of your website, app or social media. A beautiful and easy-to-navigate design with an intuitive functionality enhance the user experience, so your business makes a great first impression.

Make it work smoothly.

Customers want websites and apps to be fast and well thought out. With a digital audit, we can see if your website speed needs improvement, if your clients trust in you and if they find what they are looking for.

Overall Impressions

Data analysis

Obvious problems

User experience

Attractiveness and usefulness to the customer



Layout & Design

Best-practice design

Menus, buttons and typography

Graphics influence

Page layout and -connection


On-site- or app navigation

Site- or app speed

User journey

Functionality and clarity

Trust & Credibility

Finding gaps and errors

Increasing customers’ trust

Increasing your credibility