Project Description

Ego Pharmaceutical was founded by Dr. Erwin Oppenheim and Gerald Oppenheim in 1953 and is still managed by the family. Dr. Erwin Oppenheim was a dermatologist, hence the company’s focus on the manufacturing of healthy skin products. The company grew continuously and always maintained a strong ethical and medical background, while sticking to sustainable practices and an environmental impact as small as possible.

To continue and enhance the growth of Ego Pharmaceutical, relación developed an integrated digital marketing strategy and drive digital campaigns. First, we started with analysing the website conversions and eCommerce system. Then we started off with strategically planned email marketing campaigns (drip campaigns) and regular newsletters in order to increase customer retention. With search engine optimisation and search engine marketing campaigns over Google Ads, relación improved the visibility in the search engine rankings and the ability to generate more leads on a regular basis.