Project Description

Online Home Loans is an online mortgage broker, who offers different online home loans on their website. They also provide a variety of online calculators to determine the repayments, stamp duty costs, loan cost and comparison and borrowing power. Informing their clients about the most effective home loan options and offering them the best value for money is their key service. As the conversion rates weren’t as good as they can be and digital marketing advice and measures were needed, they got in touch with relación to improve their website and online marketing.

relación is now supporting the website of Online Home Loans. We took care of the technical development of the website and enhanced the user experience by doing a detailed digital audit and fixing the problems that caused clients to leave the page or not finish the conversion. In the whole process, relación took care of the account and project management and stepped in as digital marketing instance. With different online marketing measures and a strategically planned drip marketing campaign in form of email marketing follow-ups, we could significantly improve the website numbers.