Danish by Design

The baby product reseller Danish by Design was aware of their growth potential in the online sector, but their website could not provide the best shopping experience to their users. As the family company wanted to expand their online marketing knowledge and set themselves up for the future, they chose digital marketing agency relación to move forward with a completely redesigned website based on user experience.

Baby products reseller

Project Description

To create a solid foundation for future growth, the UX experts of relación designed a brand-new website that enables a smooth, intuitive shopping experience both on mobile and desktop. The entire product display was rethought in order to present all product information to the client when and where they need it. By creating a new website with a more intuitive, easy-to-handle backend, Danish by Design can now sell their products online as efficiently as never. Relación supported Danish by Design throughout the entire process with expert knowledge.

Services Utilised

Digital Audit  |  Analytics & KPIs  |  Digital Marketing Services  |  Digital UX & UI Development  |  Project & Account Management  |  Website Creation

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