Project Description

Emma Whiting Travel is a Melbourne-based travel agency with more than 12 years of experience. The 14 team members are passionate travellers themselves and focuse on selling short breaks, cruises, travels all across the globe and travel insurance. relacion developed a new website and an intranet for improving the collaboration between the travel agents. As a safe space to store data, a way to communicate with each other and stay connected, the intranet offers Emma Whiting Travel a new way to collaborate effectively as a team.

The Emma Whiting Travel intranet designed by relación offers lots of different functions that all contribute to the collaboration of the team members. The main goal of the project was to centralise the communication of the team members and have one spot where all team members receive up-to-date documents and alerts. Another very important goal was to share knowledge within the team, so the team can provide a better customer service. With the specially designed accommodations tool, we made it easier for all travel agents to identify desired locations and available accommodations for customers. The intranet supports the education of the travel designers by giving them an online forum to share their knowledge with others and get feedback as well.