Project Description

The Melbourne-based travel agency Emma Whiting Travel consists of 14 team members who have more than 12 years of experience. As passionate travellers, the travel designers mostly sell cruises, short breaks, travel insurance and travel experiences all over the world. Nowadays it is getting more and more difficult to attract walk-in customers, so Emma Whiting Travel needed to spread the word about their amazing services and get their online presence up to date. relación did the beautiful new website creation and offered digital marketing strategy and -services.

In order to attract new customers and give them an overview of the travel services offered, relación redesigned their website into a resourceful piece of art. For retaining customers and keeping them up to date with latest news, a travel blog was created. As many clients are unsure of where to go, a large inspirational section was added, where clients can browse different travels and tours available. An extensive travel FAQ gives helpful advice to travellers.

A separate cruise area on the website displays current offers, deals and a cruise search engine to find the right voyage over the oceans. In order to maintain a closer contact to customers and prospects, Emma Whiting Travel started emailing campaigns as well as social media marketing. relación supported the travel designers in creating a marketing strategy, providing SEO and educating the team about online marketing.

Services Utilised