Project Description

Magellan Travel is a high-quality travel agents network. We have completed an intranet for Magellan Travel to deepen the communication between their independent travel agents and maximise the rewards and collaboration within the network. The cooperation between like-minded high-performance travel agents and the possibility to learn from each other are the central goals of the intranet.

The content of the portal covers industry- and company updates, preferred partner information such as background, marketing assets and LAM funds, member updates and resources as well as an access point to local area marketing. Thanks to intuitively usable discussion boards and a wide range of functionalities, all members stay connected both in time-sensitive matters (i.e. insurance claims for flights cancelled due to natural event) and not-time-sensitive matters (i.e. new templates or forms, updates to processes, office closures over holidays etc.).

Magellan Travel wanted a new intranet with a broad range of functionalities and a fresh design. The detailed alert system keeps all members up to date, when new content is posted in the intranet. We used beautiful graphics to convey the messages and an intuitive navigation across the whole intranet. Due to our mobile-first-approach, the intranet is designed responsively and therefore can be used perfectly also on small devices.