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Digital marketing starts with your customers.

Learning and understanding your business and your customer, we work with you to build the framework to support your digital strategy. Drawing on our industry & technological expertise, our goal is to build the road map you need to achieve a profitable sales channel that engages your customer through rich, branded content. It’s not difficult to find the right agency to deliver excellent digital marketing in Melbourne: With relación, you’ve got your specialised, on-demand personal marketing team right at hand.

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Our effective digital marketing from Melbourne supports your brand and helps you engage a new customer base. We hold ourselves accountable for these campaigns, providing services that drive measurable outcomes. relación combines digital strategy, design and development in a way that grows your business and delivers value, in a language that makes sense. Digital marketing is all about connecting the right content with the right customers at the right time and place. Our digital marketing strategies include a clearly structured task plan that accounts for every step along the way.

You’ll know exactly what you’ll get by working with relación: a reliable, straightforward talking partner from Melbourne for your digital marketing needs. A really good digital marketing strategy starts with understanding, where you come from and where you want to go. As a next step, we define accountable tasks to create a smart and effective digital marketing plan that actually makes sense for you. At the end of the campaign, we have a thorough look at the results and further learn from them to continuously help your business grow the way you want it to.

digital marketing in Melbourne

Finding the right people.

Connect with your customers and prospects in a highly targeted, data-driven approach. The best way to spend your marketing budget is to minimise unnecessary scatter loss by getting to know exactly who the people are you want to get in touch with. Data insights help us to develop a digital marketing strategy that approaches your customers directly on the platforms they use.

Providing the right content.

Our Melbourne-made digital marketing strategies build on a great idea with great content. The better this content matches your target group, the more interested your customers are to interact with you. A well-designed website that leads the customer to interact with you or buy from you is one of the main cornerstones of a smart digital marketing strategy.

Match the right time and place.

To get your digital marketing campaign working as efficiently as possible, all the digital strategy parts need to work together seamlessly. We help you to reach your customers when they are ready to interact with you and convert this interest into real value. Experience that education, efficiency and achievable outcomes are at the forefront of who we are.

Building the road map for success

Metric analysis

Key drivers

Understanding your customer / market / segment

Value proposition

Growth targets

Build a digital marketing strategy



Data-driven decisions

Complete integration of data & metrics

Understanding customer interaction & engagement on all digital channels

Reporting & analysis

Data-driven advertising spend & user experience improvements



Guide your team along the way

Working as a partner, not a supplier

Provide training & education

Assistance in choosing the right campaign types and actions to fit your goals and budget

Introduce SAAS to inform



Creating engaging design

Optimising the user experience

Usability of product & services

Content generation

Site optimisation


Newsletters & digital marketing campaigns



Digital Marketing Projects