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Reality Check: How fast does digital marketing work?

As a digital marketing agency in Melbourne, we have clients of all business sizes and with all kinds of different knowledge levels in terms of digital marketing. While some businesses don’t do any marketing activities yet but would like to have more leads, other businesses already try doing digital marketing on their own but aren’t as successful as they want to be. One topic that often comes up in discussions is the question how fast digital marketing activities take effect. Well, to be honest, that’s a broad question – it really does depend on which measure you select. Whether your business is B2B and B2C also has an influence on this, as B2C businesses usually sell slower but in higher volumes.

First Things First

Before your business starts to invest in marketing, there’s one very important thing we need to check first: Does your website have a UX? You can spend thousands of dollars in leading clients to your website, but if the page is working too slow, elements are not displayed correctly, the contact form does not work well on mobile or your website lacks buttons, only a very small percentage of them will actually convert into clients. Digital marketing and website maintenance go hand in hand. If your website looks and works great and all elements are placed intuitively, your chances of converting website traffic into clients is rising exponentially. Once the foundation is set, additional marketing measures only add to the number of leads you generate.

Select What Makes Sense

Another problem we often see with digital marketing is clients investing their money in measures that don’t make sense for their business. While Facebook offers you endless bonuses if you advertise with them, chances are that Google Ads will be much more effective for you. Or, while you spend a huge monthly budget on banner advertisement but almost get no clicks – why not start with email marketing? The choice needs to suit the business and the goal you try to achieve. If you’re not sure, which digital marketing measure makes sense for you, get in touch with an expert.

Budget Drives The Effect

Eventually, it all boils down to what you want to spend. A good marketer will optimise your outcome with the least minimum amount of input possible. However, it’s obvious that if you spend $5,000 in a month, you’ll get more website traffic than if you spend $500. Some digital marketing campaigns are set to run slowly, and like a low burning flame they continuously add small amounts of new website visitors to your users. If you want a visible and big effect, you need to spend significantly more money or time on marketing. We won’t lie to you: There are digital marketing measures, such as the creation of amazing content, that cost little and have a great effect over a long time. But, as all good things, it’s hard to find either the time to continuously produce top-notch content, or often businesses simply lack a dedicated marketing person with talent for content creation.


Digital marketing measures can be incredibly effective and make a huge difference within just a couple of days. They only make sense, though, if the prerequisites (such as a well-working website and a sufficient budget for marketing) are met. The higher the budget, the larger the effect. The only way to achieve affordable yet noticeable results is over larger periods of time by investing lots of effort, i.e. in content marketing or email marketing. relación is here to support you all the way.