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Why you Should Choose WordPress for Your Next Website

Are you building a new website? Everyone wants a flexible, easily customisable content management system (CMS), and WordPress fits the bill perfectly. Here’s why the digital marketing team of relación is relying heavily on WordPress as main website CMS of choice for business websites and intranets.

Plug and play

It’s incredibly easy to install WordPress for your next website. Once you have a domain and hosting secured, you can simply install WordPress on your website and start to load in a theme and the plugins you want to use. Many themes come with a variety of pre-selected plugins to get you started quickly. There’s a plugin for everything: Whether you want to add contact or email subscribe forms, beautiful image or video slide shows, protect your blog comments from spam or embed a huge range of functions your website needs, you’ll be sure to find a plugin that’ll do the job for you.

Full control

Some website users prefer a very clean back-end with simple fields, so they only have to input text or a picture and a pre-defined stylesheet is applied automatically to make the page look great on the front-end. Other users prefer to have great flexibility and design every page differently, styling them to their liking. With a WordPress website system, you can give each user as much or as less flexibility as they need to manage the website efficiently.

Great for SEO

Good content has always been a major drive for a great SEO ranking, and WordPress is (as the name indicates) made perfectly for creating content. Even in its most basic form, without additional plugins, it comes with a highly functional editor and a clear, smart settings section, in which you can detail how people can read, comment, discuss or view your website. There is a vast number of SEO plugins available for WordPress websites, so if you want to improve your ranking, many plugins will be able to help you immediately by automating internal linking, image tagging or the setting of the perfect meta data.

Easy to handle

WordPress is a breeze to use. The intuitive interface makes it easy even for beginners to add new content. It’s a great content management system that can grow with you: As your website gets larger and you’ll need more functionality, you can simply add new plugins to enhance your system. It is as easy as it sounds, promise! And if you’re still unsure, just get in touch with our developer team who gladly lends you a hand. Another great plus are the automatic, regular WordPress updates that make sure your website’s technology is up-to-date and protected against the latest internet threats.