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3 Online Marketing Tips From Digital Marketing Experts

We’re a digital marketing agency located in Melbourne, Australia, and we quite often come in touch with businesses who never did marketing before. It’s mostly the same things we hear: Online marketing is all cheap talk, SME have no idea where to start or whom to trust. That’s why it’s a passion for us to not only help large businesses, but also small and medium-sized businesses to succeed in the online world. Online marketing is not all cheap talk, and there are a couple of truths and things that have been working and will continue to work in online marketing since and for a long time. If you’re insecure about where to start or how to start, these are the 3 online marketing tips we want to give you.

1: If you don’t know where to start, seek out an expert.

Many times, businesses just start somewhere without having an online marketing strategy. This often results in not optimised and incoherent marketing measures, such as poorly created websites that are difficult to use, started but then abandoned social media channels or over-spent and under-optimised digital marketing campaigns that were initiated because there was a free $20 voucher for it, but then someone forgot to turn it off again. Online marketing is not secret magic, it follows certain rules and always starts with a smart and suitable digital strategy for your business, which regards your business size, your capabilities and your budget. If you don’t know how to tile your bathroom, would you try to tile it yourself anyways, or would you rather call a professional tiler and get it done successfully?

2: Without a solid foundation, you throw your money out of the window.

If you want to start online marketing campaigns, first make sure your website is working well and containing all the information your clients need. Tip: You often miss the forest for the trees, so let someone else scour your website and get their opinion on what they found easy to use or what not. This is probably the most important online marketing tip: It’s all about putting yourself in the user’s shoes and applying UX best practices. Only when your foundation is correct and working perfectly, it makes sense to spend money on online marketing measures.

3: Focus on the measures that will bring revenue.

Of course, today everyone is busy on social media, but not all social media channels make sense for every business type – and most of all, many businesses either forget to tend to them after a while, or spend hours and hours on them without generating actual ROI. There are online marketing measures that work for almost every business type if they’re set up correctly, such as email marketing, content marketing and local search campaigns. All three of them are sure to bring you actual revenue. A good online marketing campaign focuses on generating the highest output with the smallest input.