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4 Helpful Website User Experience Tips

Are you wondering why your website visitors are not translating to conversion? You might have a bad website user experience. How your website looks is only as powerful as your website UX.

To start seeing your analytics go up, here are a few tips to improve how user-friendly your site is.

4 Helpful Tips on Website User Experience

#1 Simple User Experience

Your site should have a structured journey – a beginning, a middle and an end. To avoid getting lost along the way, you’re going to need to know your end destination. Having clear signposts to get from one place to another is also helpful. It’s like going shopping – stores have a scientifically-proven layout to encourage purchase. Your website is complicated because visitors can come from different directions. That’s why it’s important to give your visitors clear signposts, keep your call to actions simple and easy to follow.

#2 User First

What do you want your user to do on the site? Every page should have one clear objective. Your objective should be measurable by a goal. Make sure you think about the goal from your customer’s point of view. Putting yourself in their shoes maximises your chances of building relationships, gaining trust, and getting conversions.

#3 Devices

More people browse from their mobiles than ever before. This change in online habits means it’s essential your site looks good on all devices. Take a look at your analytics. It‘s time to look at responsive design if your mobile audience is 30% and higher.

#4 Content

It’s important to keep your readers educated and entertained. You can achieve this with short, easily digestible chunks of content. Keep your language simple and easy to understand. A good rule of thumb is to write as you talk. Avoid any industry jargon and buzzwords. Tell them what you want to say as if you’re grabbing coffee with a friend. Great design goes hand in hand with great copy. A well-designed site will fail with poor content, and bad design buries great content in the bad design.

If you’d like to understand your site better and see how well you are interacting with your users, I’m here to help. Contact us, and I will be your Head of Digital Marketing on demand. Remember, it’s about relationships that stand the test of time and customers that always come back.