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5 Advanced SEO Techniques That’ll Increase Search Traffic

Once you understand and meet the needs of your target audience you can see that kind of significant increase in traffic and in your conversion rate. Google Search Statistics shows that the average number of annual Google searches per second as of March 2016 is 2.3 million.
Google Search

Once your web pages begin to rank highly in Google search, you’ll see increased revenue, because your company receives more awareness from users, you’ll get more clicks. According to Chitika’s study, the top listing in Google’s organic search results receives 33 percent of the traffic.

Here are 5 advanced website search optimisation techniques that you can implement for your company to increase your online visitor stats, search traffic, and conversion rate.
1. Get to Know Your Target Users
Just like Google who get data from users and use it to build a stronger system, you need to focus on your target users’ data. Your goal is to triple your search traffic by listening to the wisdom of the crowd. Ask yourself:
  1. With particular types of people – high net worth individuals, men, women, and so on?
  2. In certain geographical locations – Melbourne, Sydney, and so on?
  3. Around tight market sectors – manufacturers or vendors, and so on?
2. Audit Your Site Framework
This will be your next strategy on increasing your SEO search results after learning more about your target customers. Doing this is your way to discovering the reason why you’re reaching your search traffic and sales targets.
3. Create More Optimised Landing Pages
Search engine optimisation of your landing page means creating a well-designed landing page that can increase your lead generation and sales. The more landing pages you create, the more gateways you open up for search traffic. Then they drive traffic, links, and authority to the page through press release plus content marketing. How to do this? Pick a long-tail keyword and use it to create your landing page. And then add new content to your landing page which is 2000+ words. This way, Google can prove that your page is valuable and deserves to rank highly.
4. Make Your Site Responsive and Mobile-Friendly
You can increase your company’s online search traffic by making your website responsive and creating mobile app too. In the last four years, mobile search queries have had a 5x growth rate. Shoppers are increasingly using smartphones and tablets to buy online. That’s why online merchants should be able to determine how to effectively trade via these platforms. If you haven’t done it yet, what are you waiting for?
5. Look Into and Target Competitor’s Active Keywords
Researching your competitors is a very smart move. You can spy on the exact keywords and use those same keywords to create better content. You should target the same long-tail keywords by writing high-quality meaning relevant and engaging content that focuses on user intent. Then build trusted, natural links to the page to boost its ranking power.