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What is a website audit and how does it work?

A website audit should be done regularly to determine whether your website is running smoothly, displayed correctly and working towards your marketing goals. There are a number of factors that are checked during a website audit: technical setup and site architecture, user experience, Google checks, competition analysis, image checks, mobile checks, keywords, content and backlinks. These factors give you a profound insight on where your page is standing in this moment and helps you to figure out issues and solving them, so you’ll be back on track to boost your online marketing results.

Why should I do a website audit regularly?

Because you usually see your website from your perspective – but not from the client’s or Google’s perspective. And these two ones matter the most when it comes to website ranking and website effectiveness. We’ve not come across any website that is completely perfect, and usually the website owners are not even aware of half of the issues that their website has. If you already have a website, your clients should be convinced by it, be able to navigate it easily and comfortably and therefore enjoy interacting with your brand. Small things like the position of the “Buy Now” button, colours or missing functions or information can make or break your success in the online world. What’s the point in spending thousands of dollars in online marketing measures when your booking process is complicated and people are likely to abort it anyways? Make sure you know where you stand, that everything works as it should and tap into your full online marketing potential.

How a website audit is conducted

Above we already mentioned the factors that will be checked during a website audit. You’ll mostly lean back and wait, while we do the analyzing and processing of the result data. Once we’ve got the results, we’ll sit down and talk it through, so you get an understanding of what the numbers mean, what does work well and what doesn’t. The next step is to determine which factors need to be fixed or improved in order to meet your online marketing goals. We’ll set up a task schedule and work through it in order to improve your website’s functionality, ranking and productivity. A well-maintained website does the work for you, and we’re here to help you achieve this.

How you can get started

Get in touch with us and we’ll get the ball rolling!