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5 Ideas for EDM Campaigns

Email marketing is such a powerful weapon in online marketing, yet many SMB don’t use it. EDMs have proven to be one of the most useful tools to maintain and bind clients and sell offers, products or services directly to them. If you’re setting up automated EDM campaigns, your once set-up email templates will be sent automatically based on defined criteria, following clients through their customer lifecycle and sending the right messages just in the right moment. The marketing experts of relación summed up five great ideas for EDM campaigns to give you some inspiration.

1. Sales offer email

One of the most typical emails you’ll surely know are plain sales emails. They usually feature one particular service or a range of selected products all fitting to one topic, creating a specific sales offer that’s easy and quick to grasp. You can work with discounts (“20% off on selected sunglasses!”), time pressure (“Friday fare frenzy – flights on sale for only 24 hours”) or different topics based on date, time of the year or relevant events (“Get your 2019 fan t-shirt just in time for the next Collingwood game!”). Make sure to include buttons to buy the items / service you’re selling. Opt for an eye-catching design that fits your brand or try out engaging design features, such as countdowns or gif-banners.

2. Content email

The oldest form of EDMs is probably the newsletter. Once consisting of only a couple of lines of text and a “Read more” link, content newsletters nowadays can be beautiful and turn into a piece of reading material your clients look forward to receive. Regular newsletters may contain the new content on your page, mixed with the one or other offer or additional information. The most important thing is to provide the right teasers for clients to click on your links to your website and read the full articles there. Some newsletters are even written like letters or contain highly personalised information based on the reading interests of your customers. The possibilities for design are endless, but should fit into your company’s or website’s CI.

3. Welcome email

Whenever your clients sign up for a new service, it’s a great idea to send a welcome email. It can be automated, so you just have to set up the template once and then connect your database to it to upload new subscribers every couple of hours or daily. A welcome emailing can contain a simple, short and sweet message to say Hi, more elaborately explain the features of the service now signed up for or how the customer service can be reached. Many clients save well-made welcome emails as they contain important information, i.e. their client number or where documentation or help can be found. Just make sure that you update your welcome emailing template once in a while to keep the content relevant and accurate.

4. Abandoned shopping cart email

A very popular email from online shops are the abandoned shopping cart EDMs. Amazon is a very famous example: Do you remember receiving the “You still have items in your shopping cart” email that reaches you after you’ve abandoned the cart while being in the checkout process? It’s a fantastic way to get clients to finish the sale, i.e. when they suddenly had to leave due to an appointment or when they started to look somewhere else. It’s set up as an automated EDM and only works with clients that have already been logged in (so you already have their email address).

5. Upsell email

Many SMB stop selling to their customer once they made the first sale, but why? If you’re doing a good job and make your customers happy, it’s very likely for them to come back and shop again with you. With regular upselling campaigns, either set up as an automated EDM or as a manually sent campaign, you can select suitable follow-up services or products that make sense for the user to buy too. An example would be if the client makes an appointment for a car check, sent them an email a year later and ask if they’d like to have a new appointment for their yearly car check.

While social media marketing is losing its effectiveness, email marketing continues to be a strong and successful way of communication with clients, followers and soon-to-be customers. relación is here to support you in creating engaging EDM campaigns that will stun your clients and sell more of your products or services.