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Best Digital Marketing Tips for Generating Huge Revenue

The market is crammed with startups. Everyone is trying to do something of their own. In the starting phase, when startups have limited resources to flourish, Digital Marketing comes as a boon for all. In simple words, everything that you market through a digital platform, this process of digitally publicising your product or service is called digital marketing. It is a vast ocean that keeps refurbishing itself on the regular interval. There are infinite benefits of digital marketing, yet we have curated the major online marketing benefits for you, that will tell you why you should adopt digital marketing:

  1. It is a powerful tool to create a welcoming online presence
  2. It gives your brand recognition and increases awareness and visibility
  3. It helps in reaching the audience you want to target easily
  4. It easily conveys your message to clients
  5. Cost-friendly
  6. Time-saving
  7. Instant results
  8. Huge ROI

With so many advantages of digital marketing, it is obvious that an online way of marketing can create a huge impact in maximising your sales. Here we have come up with the best digital marketing tips for you so that you can also be leveraged by these digital marketing benefits.


1. Proper Use of a Remarketing Tool

Connecting again with those users who have already made the connection with you either by the website, e-mail or any social media platforms, is called remarketing. It is one of the fastest growing elements of digital marketing that ensures seamless communication between a marketer and a user. Through efficient use of remarketing, you enhance the chances of conversion and lifetime customer value. Remarketing basically helps you to stay in touch with the customers, as remarketing tools can recognise the same user over different platforms (i.e. when he visited your web page on his mobile device, and later on he subscribed to your newsletter on his desktop computer). The big advantage is, that these customers are already interested in you and your business and therefore can be converted more easily into buying customers. The new technology of remarketing tools, such as Facebook and Google Ads, makes it possible to draw the connection between website users and lets you target the interested users directly, hence it is a very efficient digital marketing tip.

2. Use of Strategic Email Marketing

Yes, the email, one of the oldest digital inventions and almost traditional way of communication and is listed on the second position of the best digital marketing tips. The reason is that many businesses don’t take email marketing seriously and don’t put enough effort in to enjoy the amazing results it can bring. Email marketing can be as vital as any other tips on digital marketing and works for almost all businesses. The advantages of email marketing are endless: It is an easy way to acquire new clients, to improve your branding and increase traffic, to enhance engagement with your clients as well as direct sales and offers connection to people out of your reach, when readers refer your email campaign to others. Email marketing provides value to your clients and ensures them that you are committed to them whenever they need you. This helps in adding value to the brand. But also to stay in touch with an existing customer base, to retain them as customers or reactivate “sleeping” customers, email marketing is one of the best and most cost effective ways. For example, just a simple automated thank you reply to all email subscribers can get you more close to your clients. Even if you add an only 5% off coupon to that thank you email, you’ll see new customer numbers increase.


3. Optimising Website with Mobile-First Approach

Earlier this year, Google has rolled out its mobile-first indexing approach. According to this update, the Google algorithm considers those websites first that are mobile-friendly and optimised according to various mobile screen versions. With more than 30% of internet users choosing mobile to surf the internet, it becomes quite essential for building a website with mobile-rich features. As in the future, numbers will continually increase, this is one of the digital marketing tips that should not be ignored. Otherwise, your website may rank much lower in the course of time, if all your competitors already have a mobile-friendly website. Nowadays, many website templates already come in a mobile-friendly version. If your website hasn’t been changed in a longer while, a website redesign with a mobile-friendly template brings best results.


4. Leveraging The Potential of Influencer Marketing

In a simple way, influencer marketing is the process where you do not target your customers directly, rather you influence or pay influential people related to your niche to spread the word about you. In the eco-system of online marketing tips, influencer marketing is still quite new, but the following stats from a survey among digital marketers will show how powerful it could be if you use it properly.

  • Digital marketers who already trust and prefer influencer marketing – 84%
  • By 2019, budget on influencer marketing will increase by – 67%
  • Online marketers get better results from influencer marketing – 55%
  • Facebook influences online and offline marketing – 63%

Influencer marketing is the old-fashioned word-of-mouth marketing, reinvented in times of social media. Many influencers built a large audience of avid followers that love to see their new updates, product recommendations and tips. Instead of investing lots of time and hours in building your own social media accounts to the size of thousands, hundred thousands or millions of followers, it is easier to do influencer marketing and benefit from the large amount of trust the influencers have amongst their followers.


5. Produce Quality Content

One of the most important digital marketing tips is creating valuable content. Studies say, if you offer a good and quality content to your audience, it will enhance the chance of success by 80%. By quality content we mean, unique, fresh, timely and informative content which maintains the relevancy and reaches your targeted audience. The content can be in numerous forms such as infographics, blogs, website pages, banners, videos, webinars, etc. The survey reveals that the remaining 20% should be focused on the promotion of the content. As you are an expert in your niche and business, we are sure there are lots of things that you know about and your customers don’t. Use this to your advantage and create compelling and useful content for your clients in order to prove yourself of value, get referrals from them, convert them into long-term customers and boost your brand awareness. Additionally, this is one of the digital marketing tips that reward you double: Not only your customers will love you more for it, but Google rewards quality content with better search engine rankings as well.



You see, the realm of digital marketing has ample opportunities. All these tips of digital marketing, if used properly and strategically, enhance your online presence and reward you with better business results. The best way of getting an edge above your competitors is to have a deep understanding of these digital marketing and impose them as and when required.