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Don’t Skip Marketing due to low Budget

During our years of experience in digital marketing, we have heard this sentence a lot: “We don’t have budget / time for marketing.” If you are one of the people who tend to say this, have you ever thought about why there is no time or budget for growing your business? It’s probably because you spend too much money and time on other things, because you don’t generate enough revenue. A marketing person is not only someone who designs fancy advertising all day, but with their work, marketing people help their business to be more efficient, get more clients and optimise their processes until you get the most value (aka clients) for money.

They also help to maintain an inviting and coherent public face of your brand or business, which builds trust and is a buying factor for your clients. They’ll find the right places for you to be present in order for your target group to find you – be it online or offline. Marketing does not have to be expensive. It’s all about finding out what really works efficiently for your company, and sometimes it’s the most simple tweaks or a short-term marketing project to improve your situation significantly.

Here are five reasons, why you should not skip marketing:

1. Marketing eliminates wrong spendings.

Something we see very often is that many clients start a business, so they create a Facebook, Twitter and an Instagram page and a quick website. Then they accept the automatic offer of Facebook to run marketing campaigns, don’t adjust any settings and then wonder why the campaign cost $500 and just brought 5 new followers, but no sales.

This example is to show that there are many ways to do marketing, and for each business – depending on the product and target group – you need to select a different mix or use refined measures to get the best performance. Good marketing is continuously measuring the success of campaigns in order to minimise the spending while increasing the number of new clients. Hence, the right choice and settings of each marketing campaign is crucial. We can guarantee you that $500 spent on an email marketing campaign will generate you more sales and revenue than a $500 Facebook ad campaign. Trust your marketing person, they have experience with the different channels.

2. Marketing gets errors and blockades out of the way.

Another common problem is that businesses who don’t spend time or money on marketing often never realise that they make it hard for clients to buy from them. Their websites lack buttons, load with the speed of a sleepwalking turtle, or their Facebook page, Instagram page and website look so different, that people don’t trust them and decide to buy somewhere else. Sometimes it’s small changes of wording, colour or spacing that make a huge difference to clients.

A marketing person will regularly do audits in order to review the company’s digital and offline presence, so they can find these blockades for customers and get them out of the way. They often have technical knowledge and can fix website errors, who are not visible to your eye – but have a huge impact on how Google perceives your page (and where in the search results it will list it). Also, your personal view of your website is not always shared by your clients – it’s about how they perceive your website, because you want to sell to them (and not to yourself).

3. Marketing helps you find & target your target group.

One of the most surprising things we often see in marketing is that business owners have no real idea, who their clients are. But how are you going to sell your products, when you don’t really know, who is interested in them? Maybe you designed your product with a younger target group in mind, but eventually an older target group finds it very useful and starts to buy it much more – while you still focus your efforts on the younger target group and waste time and money.

One of the core tasks of each marketing person is to find out who your target group is (by analysing data) and then creating a clear picture of who is most likely to buy your product. This information can be used to run a targeted marketing campaign, choosing the right medium and narrowing it down to the customers you want. Like this, you just spend money on the right people, and your sales will increase significantly.

4. Marketing polishes your brand and builds trust.

If you walk up to a shop and the window is stuffed until the top, or the windows are dirty or it appears very old – would you go in? It’s the same with your online presence: Even if you don’t care so much about your website, your potential clients very well do. Because it is the first contact point they ever have with you, and you know that first impression count the most. If you disappoint them (i.e. when they can’t find what they want to know), withhold important information (i.e. shop opening hours) or don’t provide buttons or ways to get in touch with you, people nowadays don’t waste time trying to find a way. They simply skip to the next business.

Even if it’s just a one-time project every couple of years, but let a professional marketing person polish your brand and your online presence. All your communication channels should look similar, delivering a clear message of who you are and what you can offer. Gain your client’s trust. Your communication channels should be inviting and tidied up, provide the info your clients are looking for and draw them in to buy something from you. Make a great impression and stay in their minds – and no, this does not need to be expensive, either, only well done.

5. Marketing grows your business.

Wouldn’t you like to have another employee to help you with the workload? Or a better website, enabling your clients to shop online and increasing your revenue tenfold? We know you probably have few bucks or little time to take care of anything else than running your business. But marketing is your way to get relief, to increase your sales, to get the word out you’re here, and to cut off unnecessary spending or time drainers. Even if you want to stay a small business, you can and should always improve in order to keep your clients interested.

Nothing in life comes for free, you need to invest something into marketing to get something out of it. But from our experience as a digital marketing agency: The smallest effort in marketing already has a big ROI and a marketing expert can help you get the ball rolling in just a short amount of time or with little budget. The relación team dedicated itself to help SMB with their digital presence: We offer only the digital marketing services you really need – we’re your own, short-term marketing manager for the projects you want to get done. Just get in touch with us to see how we can improve your sales.